Radon Testing

The EPA recommends radon testing for all households.

Radon is the largest source of exposure to naturally occurring radiation.
It's a common misconception that certain areas of the United States are not at risk.
 In fact, elevated levels have been reported in all fifty states.

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The EPA Map of Radon Zones illustrates some radon concentrations throughout
the US

EPA estimates 21,000 deaths each year are directly related to radon exposure and
that one in fifteen homes have elevated levels.

The EPA Home Buyers and Sellers Guide to radon is a great source of information.
It offers testing tips and techniques as well as interesting information on this topic.

Details Home Inspection, L.L.C. is certified to measure radon and interpret results.
Certification # PRDN015479

Many new construction homes are built with passive radon mitigation systems that
can easily be converted to an active system with the addition of a fan.

Details Home Inspection, L.L.C. conducts a 2 day evaluation with annually calibrated equipment and provides an
independent report that outlines radon levels at the property.

Although data is available on radon and radon testing, there is still much debate
about exposure limits and long term health effects. Try to keep in mind that radon
gas is in the air you're breathing right now (probably ~.4 pCi/L). I advise that if you
have a family member sleeping in a finished basement, or spend six to eight hours
a day there, have your home tested.

Studies have also shown that Radon levels will vary throughout the year. Highest
levels are typically recorded in mid winter with levels decreasing to there lowest
concentrations in summer. So... 4pCi/L in summer could be considerably higher in

The benefit of having your home tested during a home inspection is that if elevated
 levels are found, you have the ability to amend your offer of purchase to include a
mitigation system.

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